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Once upon a time, SEO meant getting high rankings on search engines. But that was then and search engine's algorithms and the internet landscape have seen a paradigm shift.

SEO is the one true form of marketing which showcases exactly what you have got to offer to your targeted custom. SEO traffic is organic and gives long term growth and benefits with a great ROI.

It is considered an investment rather than a cost and one of the most cost effective marketing techniques.

In the eCommerce space just building an eCommerce site isn't enough to drive organic traffic and attract customers. Your site needs to relevant and credible.

As a business owner, you would know that building relevance and credibility in any space isn't an overnight project. Let's talk about the online scenario. Building relevance depends on factors such as onsite elements, content of the page linking to your portal, standardized content data, etc. Similarly to build credibility you need credible sources linking to your domain and talking about your brand. Both these activities are content centric and that is why it is said "Content is the king".

What sets us apart from all digital marketing agencies is the 150+ strength of content experts with an immense knowledge about content and the ever evolving search engine algorithms.

We at Iksula not only look at search engine optimization just to improves organic traffic to your website but also to drive target audience that improves conversions and provides higher ROI. We can help you with the planning and strategizing required in attaining the traffic and commanding the attention that your site deserves.

We believe that unified strategies are the best and the most connected approaches for driving organic traffic and brand building and hence we integrate search engine marketing, social media and other digital marketing avenues to reach the targeted audience and spread a positive buzz about your brand.

How can Iksula help?

Search engines wants to rank websites that provide a great user experience and valuable content to it's users. To get top rankings on google and other major search engines your site needs to be relevant and credible.

  • On-site elements/on-page optimization and content helps build relevancy.
  • Link Building and PR activities contribute in building credibility of your website.
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