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Social Media Marketing

Everybody is on Facebook these days. News breaks on Twitter first, and then we see it on TV. Debates and political discussions happen online on Quora. Clearly, social media has transcended and gone beyond just the basic updates.

Brands are looking at Social Media as an effective method to relay their brand's communication. Not only is social media cheaper, but it also effectively grabs the attention of the target audience.

It is also a very cost-effective way to engage with and get ahold of the customer's pulse.

Various tools are available to assist in tracking, monitoring, reporting and gauging a brand's performance online on parameters - such as Reach, Audience engaged, Engagement percentage and Virality.

At Iksula, we go one step ahead with not only managing brand reputation and their audience via topical updates, contests on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc; but also increase sales through product promotion and effective placement advertising.

We aim at achieving ROI for the brands - and for us ROI is Return on Interactions, Return on Impressions and Return on Influence.

All these activities help in Establishing, Maintaining, Repairing and Monitoring the publicly available online information about a brand. This results in several benefits in the form of enhanced customer confidence and most importantly - positive brand buzz. This positivity then starts a chain of virality, consumer empowerment and last but not the least - lead generation (which drives sales). All this is possible by generating Word-of-Mouth and Influencer Marketing as well.
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