Editorial Content

The editorial team at Iksula consists of experienced creative copywriters, led by editors with over two decades of writing experience across international advertising and web content. The editorial team can help differentiate your products with unique online content spanning:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Category Descriptions
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Blog Writing
  • Buying Guides & How-to Guides

SEO Optimized Product Descriptions & Category Descriptions

Our creative writers can help compose persuasive product & category descriptions that can work wonders for your product. These descriptions are created and presented in a way that grabs the consumer's attention and persuades him to learn more.
The descriptions with the inclusion of keywords, are tailored to offer the most desirable shopping experience on the basis of search-popularity rankings.

Consumer Reviews

Iksula can help create highly perceptive consumer reviews/opinions/comments across various categories such as Furniture, Electronics, Home Improvement, Fashion and Health Care.
These reviews also cover the widest range of possibilities for which the product qualifies, including innovative ones that offer the potential to link/draw attention to the various accessories associated with the main product.

Blog Writing

Iksula has a team of Blogger's who are highly efficient in creating and updating daily posts and developing new blogs in such a way that it purely revolves around the theme of the product/category.
The blogs created will have outbound links to the product/category pages in the client's site, to boost traffic and aid in higher search engine rankings.
With such blogs, the Editorial/SEO team creates third-party site content, the credibility of which is proven by the number of hits garnered by the client's site.

Buying Guides/How-to Guides

Buying Guides/How-to Guides are among the most sought-after resources in the online world. Since the consumers regard them as invaluable help in making smart shopping decisions, they surely deserve attention.
A well-written guide can be a great traffic generator for the site, and can also serve as the backdrop for inclusion of strategic keywords and links related to the product/category.
The creative team at Iksula can help create these guides which enjoy high levels of credibility among online consumers, offering clear guidance and an assured revisit.


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