Product Catalog Engineering

We specialize in creating great product pages which helps in improving your conversion rate

Our content experts work to build in-depth category understanding. This helps in tailoring content and product presentation towards the consumer buying process. Our content process is geared to help you build quality content on a large scale.

We create engaging product pages helping you in converting visitors

At Iksula, we believe that a great product page should provide comprehensive product information while highlighting the most important aspects of the product through well-written descriptions, images, and presentation. These elements help a consumer take decisions. We also recognize the importance and alignment of each element of a product page to your business metrics. Our content team, comprising Category, Data, SEO, and Imaging experts, help create engaging product pages where all the individual page elements are aligned to your business objectives.

Our process helps you in creating high volume-high quality content

Our process relies on in house tools, trained resources, and strict quality checks to meet your high volume and high quality content requirements. Our in-house tools help in capturing and structuring data from diverse sources to your standard formats. We use in-house quality tools as well as timely human intervention to ensure that all content generated is to your exacting standards. Our resources are highly knowledgeable on each category,data-structure and formats, as well as tips and tricks to ensure high productivity and quality.

We help you leverage our category expertise

We specialize in home and home improvement categories, and produce upwards of a quarter million SKUs in a year. Our clients use our created product catalogs to market their products in North America and European countries. We have created product catalogs for vendors based out of North America, Europe, China and South East Asia for a diverse set of categories such as Lighting, Furniture, Plumbing, Home Décor, Tools, Housewares, Fitness and more.

We also have specialists who work in the technology categories (mobiles, electronics, computers, cameras, etc.).

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