System Integration

A dynamic business environment, coupled with rapidly evolving technology, presents a tough challenge to organizations. Multiple applications within a given business process leads to confusion and inefficiency.

Iksula System Integration services help integrate different applications to provide:

  • Higher performance
  • Reduced business cycle times
  • Increased flexibility

Iksula provides system integration services as a turnkey solution which integrates world-class applications together in a manner that suits your business requirements. We ensure that the integrated solution provided will be cost-effective, stable, scalable, and low-risk.

At Iksula, we specialize in integrating various applications related to online businesses to provide a complete online business work-flow. We do this by integrating an ecommerce store with customer relation management applications, vendor management applications, and order management applications. The integrated solution works seamlessly to provide a hassle-free online retailing experience.

Our past experince is in integrating online applications with:

  • ERP - SAP, Interprise Suite
  • CRM  - SugarCRM, Sterling CRM
  • Payment Gateways - Paypal, CCAvenues, EBS, Google Checkout, Amazon Checkout
  • Search - SOLR
  • Multi-Channel Integrations - eBay, Amazon,, Price Grabber.
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